You Know You're From The Rez When...

can of cube-cut potatoes (don’t drain) + powdered eggs + plastic fork held together with duct tape = comfort food

You know you’re from the rez when…

You have seen your auntie, all dressed up (make up, hair done, nice clothes, and heels),yelling at some boys for being disrespectful and watch as those boys trembled in fear.

You know you’re from the rez when…

New car smell? More like rez dog smell.

You know you’re from the rez when…

You are constantly having to remind yourself to relax your facial muscles.

Help stop state kidnapping of Lakota children!


We are on the verge of ending the epidemic of hundreds of state kidnappings of Native American children by South Dakota’s Department of Social Services. Your support would greatly help bring our children home!

We have launched the Campaign to Free Lakota Children, with a national petition calling on President Obama to authorize the grants we need to start our own foster care programs, and put us within sight of bringing our children home.

Specifically, we ask that you share our 12 minute video, “Hearts on the Ground” (viewable at It was directed by Kalyanee Mam, who last year won the Sundance Award for best international documentary, for her work on the modern struggles Indigenous face in her native Cambodia. “Hearts on the Ground” explains the tragic reality that so many Lakota grandmothers and parents face, when they have their children illegally seized by the state.

Our Lakota children are ten times more likely than non-Native kids to be forcibly removed from their homes and placed in the foster care system. We are close to finally stopping the kidnapping of our children, and hope you will help us to do so.

Sign the petition and watch the video here:

To learn more about this cultural genocide:


Problems and Solutions: Facebook:


Please help us bring our children home.

Wopila (Many Thanks),

Lakota People’s Law Project

You know you’re from the rez when…

you and all of your friends laugh at the phrase”Cherokee Princess.”

Proud member of the wolf clan!

You know you’re from the rez when

You hang blankets in doorways because you don’t have a door.

You know you’re from the rez when

no matter how hungry you are, you find food to feed the hungry around you.

Hola, amig@s. I’m Araceli and I’m a mestiza from the beautiful land of Mexico, but I currently live in Seattle. I’m about 7 1/2 months pregnant with twins (boy/girl). Their father is Yaqui (he always told me he was from Sonora), Santee Sioux (from the Spirit Lake Reservation), Powhatan, and Arapaho (from the Wind River Reservation). Shortly after I found out I was pregnant, Jordan (their father) passed away. His family really doesn’t like me and blame me a lot for his death because I’m the one that convinced him to move to Seattle, so I can’t go to them with this and I’m sure they wouldn’t help me.

I write this because I want to honor his memory by giving our children names that represent his people and I want to keep Jordan’s cultures alive in our children. I refuse to trust baby name websites and there are very few website that have authentic names originating from Native American languages. When the time comes, I’m planning to take our children to somebody from his Native communities to give them a Yaqui/Santee Sioux/Powhatan/Arapaho name. However, for their given name, I want to give our children a name that represents Jordan’s cultures. For example, his niece’s name is Keshowse, and they told me it means “sun” in Powhatan (but they said they can’t be certain because the language hasn’t been spoken in centuries). Before he passed, we discussed doing something similar with his people’s other languages. 

My children will never know their father, but I want to give them a name and help them learn their cultures so they will always know he’s with them. Jordan always stressed how important keeping the culture alive is and I don’t want to deprive my children that. I don’t have the resources and I’m on bed rest, or else I’d travel to Jordan’s communities and find these things out in person.

Maybe one day, in the future, Jordan’s family won’t hate me anymore and I’ll be able to give our children first hand experience of their cultures through them, but right now, it doesn’t look like they’re going to be doing that anytime soon and I don’t want my babies to not know where they come from.  

I understand if this isn’t the place for this, and I do apologize if that is the case. I also do apologize if it isn’t appropriate to do this with my children’s names. 

I don’t have a tumblr, but my email is Please, if you can, contact me. I want my children to know their heritage. 



Its totally ok to submit this here.

your ferm da rez when

inside is just for eating and sleeping